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Edible zeolite, zeolite care, health zeolite

Edible zeolite, zeolite care, health zeolite

Product Description

Our factory produce edible health zeolite; The introduction of Germany advanced technology and special equipment, use 148 meters deep underground ore with high quality, strict purification process, efforts to make our products perfect.


After eating zeolite for human consumption hurt. This product is purely natural green food items, tasteless, non-toxic, non-polluting. Edible superior raw materials health products.


Properties: eat zeolite is found in the world's most outstanding enters the human body is the physical effect of substance; as a child accidentally ate a button, the results will be well-drained zeolite also eat so many discharged.

    Since zeolite look at high-power microscope is attached to the pipe bore, bore piping attached, so it has a huge surface area, pore zeolite cavities and pipes with a negative charge, our body's cytotoxic, blood poisoning, intestinal


And the presence of toxic heavy metals in the oxidation state of the radical with a positive charge, the toxin suction bores, the same as the locking cage, which is adsorbed zeolite.

Function: detox, improve immune regulation and anti-aging effect. To clear the body microcirculation, increase blood circulation, reduce the incidence of cancer and other incurable diseases.


Uses: do capsule, a food additive. Blood, urine nitrogen determination material medicine.


Edible zeolite adsorption effect :( body waste toxins, and finally rid the body through bowel movements)


Often say detox, detox, in the end what toxins it come from?


Toxin refers to have an adverse effect on the human body substances, such as free radicals, uric acid, saturated fat and so can be classified as a toxin; foreign elements such as pollutants, emissions, pesticides, chemical additives, preservatives, heavy metals and other cosmetics, Once inhaled and accumulate, will become toxins within the body.


Of course, the main body of toxins, or stool. Many foods we eat every day, if not the poo smoothly excreted in the form of the stool will become in vivo accumulation of toxins.


Well, you do now intestinal detoxification work okay? Ask yourself the following three questions:


1, I do not every day going to the toilet?

2, going to the toilet is not strong or too soft, the color brown?

3, no strong smell poo?

If more than 3 You answer "yes", the representative of your detox is very healthy; on the contrary, if the performance is not satisfactory, it may be closer to see if they have the following symptoms, if accounted for half are in line with the case, not your behalf Detox Jia has been a serious problem.


Frequent headaches, neck and shoulder arm pain often easily bloating, high blood pressure, bad breath, depression or irritable mood


Since a lot of problems caused by poor drainage, starting today must step up detoxification, intestinal detox and diet are in the final analysis, the most direct way is taking zeolite.


A hundred years ago when molten lava and sea to form a solid zeolite after contact with because of its cage-like structure and the natural result of negative electricity, while the benefits for human health. Negatively charged so that it can be like a magnet to attract positively charged metals and toxins into the cage and was taken out of the body.


On health benefits

1, remove toxic heavy metals (uranium, lead, mercury, arsenic, septum, ...) more than the mixture boil, enhance enzyme function.

2, to capture and remove the virus particle, improve immune function, less sick.

3, to improve the body pH, so infectious germs can not survive.

4, proton capture the digestive tract, gastrointestinal pH balance improved so that acid reflux phenomenon.

5, removal of toxins and chemicals to improve the immune system.

6, capturing allergens in blood and digestive tract, good to alleviate the symptoms of digestive tract after swallowing download Inhalation allergens produced. Such as asthma, migraine .......

7, improve nutrient absorption. There adsorption in the intestine, it may cause diarrhea stopped. The zeolite may provide beneficial bacteria breeding environment.

8, and those with chronic health emergency, you can have great value.

9, improve liver function, increased stamina.

10, the unique anti-cancer mechanisms.

11, elimination of excess glucose, blood sugar balance.

12, a powerful antioxidant, absorbing free radicals in order to reduce damage to the body.


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